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Just because it's trending, doesn't make it true.

RF Truth Vector focuses on the early detection of misinformation to maintain your brand's health.

Social intelligence eliminates surprises to enable proactive decision making and prevent damage.


Truth Challenge

Falsehoods are 70% more likely to be retweeted than the truth. In today's age, brands are expected to take a stand on a wide range of political and societal issues making them more vulnerable than ever to be targets of coordinated reputational attacks on social media by adversarial agenda-driven groups aka factions.

Most contemporary social listening tools are great at telling what’s already happening but not great at detecting what’s coming. And by the time false and damaging narratives start cropping up in mainstream social media networks, it is already too late, leaving very little runway for the brand’s communications team to develop counter-narratives to rectify and diffuse an unfolding adverse viral situation.

Who are we

The Solution


Truth Sonar

A social intelligence system employing machine learning and AI to uncover and isolate harmful information before it gains traction:


Identify the factions and fringe networks behind the false information

Detect underlying patterns to expose motives and agendas

Anticipate viral events before they have reached critical mass

Truth Vectors

Precision-targeted communications to safeguard and strengthen brand reputations:


Counter faction narratives with brand-supportive content

Neutralize false information with accurate, persuasive messaging

Diffuse viral conversations by directly challenging misleading material

How it works

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